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A wedding and several kids later.

The red Pelle Moda Vintage peep toes are my favorite! Red shoes just really do it for me. I would so be ordering these flats if they weren't out of ye ole budget.

LaMa's Music for this Monday

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This AM is dear ol' Randy. Does it take you back? Go ahead and sing along, no one's watching.

Feast of St Cecilia

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St. Cecilia by Guido Reni.jpg

St Cecilia! Patroness of Music! Martyr! Incorporable Body! She was mind numbingly awesome and is a beloved saint and friend.

O glorious saint, who chose to die
Instead of denying your King.
We pray you please to help us
As His fair praise we sing!

We lift our hearts in joyous song
To honor Him this way,
And while we sing, remembering,
To sing is to doubly pray.

At once in our hearts and in our tongues
We offer double prayer
Sent heavenward on winged notes
To praise God dwelling there.

While in our hearts and tongues we try
With song to praise God twice,
We ask dear saint, to help us be
United closed to Christ!

Handy with a Sewing Machine?

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I'm not, but I wanted to show you this great new project that you must join me in if you're crafty with material or fiber.

Mama to Mama is gathering little handmade hats to put in Safe Birth kits for women in Northern Haiti as part of an effort to reduce their staggering maternal and child mortality rate.

You can download the simple pattern from the website (above link), or make your own sewn or crochet/knit (my alley!) cotton cap or receiving blanket to help out.

DO IT! Then come tell me about it : )

LaMamacita's Daybook


November 17, 2008

Outside My Window... The mailman is driving off. He brought me a package of cat flea stuff and a bill I mailed Saturday returned for postage. Whoopsies.

I am thinking... of my list for the grocery and of a shower.

I am thankful for... those little moments of silence throughout the day.

From the kitchen... we are ordering in Thai tonight. But! I'm planning for some pumpkin and cranberry bread to come from the kitchen soon.

I am wearing... gray drawing-string shorts and a red V neck.

I am creating... slippers for myself, same boring scarf for Mom, just finished a cabled hat for my man.

I am going... grocery shopping and to the park.

I am reading... Permission to Mother by Denise Punger. I've barely cracked it and it's taking me forever to read anything these days, but it looks like a thumbs up.

I am hoping... this flea stuff works on the cat. Isn't it weird for an indoor animal to start getting fleas in November? Gross.

I am hearing... little voices and Milosh.

Around the house... laundry and bathrooms may get done if they're lucky.

One of my favorite things... is those little, lard filled cherry pies from gas stations. Especially with cheap gas station coffee taken in the car while traveling.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Calm week here, too. My Jude has a dentist appointment Thursday. Saturday there is a big Etsy sale here in Dallas that I'm hoping to make it to.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is a print I adore that is in our living room. It came from this talented girl (speaking of Etsy!).

LaMa Monday Music of Choice

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This morning is Milosh. Check out this mesmerizing video and smooth tunes:


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We have the most awesome neighbor. Eddie is a single, middle aged guy. He lets us use this grill and lawn stuff, puts those giant holiday blow up things in our yard, is super sweet and patient with our children, and is extremely funny. We heart Eddie.

So, this past weekend he came over with a life-sized Santa that sings and dances for the boys. Holy Christmas cheer, Batman! The thing is terrifying, creepy and hilarious. Papicitio and the boys have positioned him lying on the couch with the remote, at the table eating a sandwich, woken me up from a nap by slipping him into bed with me. Santa is always peeking around corners with an almost sinister jolly face and little puppet mouth. He regularly wears a Darth Vader mask and a Robin Hood cloak. Even when he's just standing there alone he makes me jump as I come around the corner.

He must be destroyed.

I've been plotting his impending Freecycling to no avail as the kids aren't sick of him yet- crucial to my plan. We have no closet space to hide him so there he stands, watching, waiting, knowing if we've been naughty or nice and staying mum about it except for a twinkle in his creepy mechanical eye.

Ha! I've got to get pictures.

Birth of a Blog


Clean Out Your Eyes

Written by two Mothers-of-Many and an uber good read.

Music For Your Monday


Hello sunshine! This morning I'm listening to Super Furry Animals.

Looking forward to hearing what the other Mamas have on today.

LaMa Daybook


For November 3rd 2008

Outside My Window... diapers are hanging to dry in super sweet weather.

I am thinking... about needing a new bookshelf for school stuff. Actually, a new entertainment center/bookshelf big deal thing would be awesome.

I am thankful for... my parish as well. Very much.

From the kitchen... polenta with tomatoes and sauted garlicky potatoes for tonight. Subject to change.

I am wearing... cords, nursing tank, red cardigan.

I am creating...
the same scarf for Mom. Still boring and slow-going.

I am Women at the Well if Papicito makes it home in time to relieve me. Other than that, just the backyard.

I am reading... catalogs that came in the mail and emailed newsletters.

I am hoping... for a creative burst.

I am hearing... birds, children, cars.

Around the house... laundry, dusting, scraping cemented oatmeal off highchair.

One of my favorite things... Color Trend lip gloss bought off an adorable Avon Lady with great legs.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Family hiking after voting tomorrow, free from media insanity.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Autumnal Music For Your Monday


Autumn in New York (so different from Autumn in Texas!) by fellow Catholica and my favorite female artist, Miss Holiday, is what I'm listening to this Monday.

And you?



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