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I'm Still Blanketing!!

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The Log Cabin blanket got some good face time on our trip. I'm LOVING it. The cool thing about knitting a Log Cabin is that you can use it while you're knitting it. Here's a pic with a bonus background of a Louisiana highway. YEEyah.

Ramblings About This Week and Lent Plans


We took a trip last weekend and stayed for Mardi Gras with some good friends on the Mississippi coast, then came home and my youngest two promptly came down with upper respiratory infections. It's been an intense week and I'M TIRED.

But! as the kids have started looking better I'm able to begin my Lenten plans of daily Rosaries (or a least part), more frequent weekly Mass attendances and beefing up my prayer life in other ways as well. It has been so sadly skimpy lately. It's so easy for me to slide prayer out of the way for other things, so easy to make weekly Mass plans and then rationalize them away in scheduling conflicts. What example does this set? What a toxic habit. So this Lent I'm trying to stick to my spiritual guns and keep the 5 P's in the right order: Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent and Provider. (If you don't have A Mother's Rule of Life, go get it!)

So, off I go back to the couch with sickies. Anybody have a great book rec for Lent? MamaT, hm?

Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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Dr. Who Jelly Babies!! How adorable are these? Free pattern too.

LaMa's Monday Music

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Being the good South Texan I am, I need a weekly dose of Corpus Christi birthed tejano. Lifts me spirits.

Let's Write Some Letters, Shall We?


As well as being the illustrious MamaT's birthday, it's also my little daughter Camila's first birthday. I'm always a hormonal wreck on my kid's birthdays- especially their first. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

But hearing The University of Wisconsin affiliated Madison Surgery Center just voted 6-0 to approve the plan for that center to begin, very soon, late second trimester abortions this morning took hormonal wreck to ill.

Here's the story and here's the Wisconsin Family Council's press release about it.

Direct your emails, letters and phone calls directly to Chancellor Carolyn "Biddy" Martin, who voted in favor of this plan this past Wednesday.

Chancellor Martin's contact information is below:
Phone: 608-262-9946
Mail: 161 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Dearest MamaT

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Hope it is the happiest!! Mmmwha!

LaMa's Monday Music


DNTEL with The Distance. Super Creepy Video! But great song.



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