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Ahhh, Boys.

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Jake (nearly six) when handed requested bowl of blueberries this afternoon: "Thanks for this bowl full o' blood bubbles, Mama! My favorite!"

Ha! Ew!


Outside My Window... thunderstormy rain! It's supposed to be wet all week, but it hasn't lost it's novelty yet and I'm loving the pitter patter and grayness.

I am thinking... about the upcoming summer, plans for my little boy's birthday in a couple of weeks, and always about food.

I am thankful for... my home!! More later on our recent move, but I'm loving our space, our fertile yard, our area. Grateful much.

From the kitchen... last night I made a super awesome spinach and brown rice casserole that I'm planning to gobble for lunch.
Rain makes me want to bake, I'm planning to do some Irish brown and pumpkin bread with the littles today. I give them just a "1/2 cup" measuring cup for the whole recipe and call it a math lesson.
We've been trying to eat mostly raw foods lately, but that seems to be easier on sunny days.

I am wearing... old jeans, black tank, red cardi.

I am creating... a little something for my mi madre, who reads this blog, for Mother's Day. Also, a summery blanket for my due in 8 weeks nephew; and still working on the log cabin blanket.

I am going... to the grocery for a few things but that is all.

I am reading... House of Pomegranates by Oscar Wilde all alone; Peter Pan by J.M Barrie with my son.

I am hoping... my back stops aching! I dunno what the deal is.

I am hearing... the baby! She's throwing wooden shapes into the shape sorter and talking to it. Baby basketball.

Around the house... ahhhhh. Laundry and bathrooms. Some organizing of art supplies went down this morning.

One of my favorite things... is photos. I could spend hours on Flickr just clicking through people's pictures. Of landscapes, of food, of people, anything.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: school, little field trips, raininess, welcoming May. Friday is 12 years since my husband and I started dating, we're hoping to be able to slip into the night all alone.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...3015601602_ba22b19641.jpg

Monday Music

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This song was written in '46, and nearly THIRTY years later hit the Billboard top 100 at #30. How funny!

I'm feeling a little Casey Kasem this morning. And maybe a touch crass?

Pretty Pattern Tuesday 2

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minx photo 1.jpg

Love me some vintage. This Little Minx Coat makes me simply covetous. I can't wait to try it out!

I've also been scouring Ebay for vintage women's and children's sewing patterns. The things I can make in my head! I guess I should learn to sew first... right after I learn to crochet, eh MamaT?

LaMa's Monday Music


I've been listening to Irish folky Lisa Hannigan all month with increasing love. She just hits the spot.

And is crafty! Check out this flip book:


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We moved almost 3 weeks ago from Dallas to Fort Worth (Yeehaw!) and could not for the life of us get the PC and the wifi to marry. After spending 3 hours on the phone with NetGear this morning the problem is solved. It turned out to be an error in a code or something that failed to find a niche in my understanding.

But I'm back online now and I've missed this blog greatly, although I was gratefully able to lurk from my phone. Hope you and yours had a blessed Holy Week and Easter Sunday. I'm so glad it's Easter and Lent is over and Smock and MamaT are about!!



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