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praise God and pass the grosgrain!

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finally. a trend that -- as far as i know -- never left west Texas, is finally back, and on the runways in yankee states, no less. it's big bows. hello! and yes! even smockdaddy said, "well, it's about time" when i told him the good news.


not even a pair of black matte italian leather kitten heels designed by michael kors himself can make the smock giddy like a big ol' bow atop a big ol' head a'hair. i mean, shoes move the smock, don't get me wrong. but they, if i may, are more carnal in nature. who can deny that bows are more spiritual? if fashioned properly, bows even look like angel's wings. and hair, biblically speaking, is simply more spiritual than shoes are. you know it's true. you remove your shoes to stand on sacred ground, right? anybody ever hear of sampson? and hair is a woman's crown and glory.

bows are such a delightful way to crown a pretty little girl. yes, i decked out all the lassie-smocklings with bows -- at least until they could rip them out themselves. sniffsniff. but, it was a happy day, i can tell you, when i presented my little goddaughter, mila, with her very first summa mama bow.

of course, the big hair fashion statement hasn't made a huge comeback nationwide ... yet. but, its day is coming. and, as everyone in Texas knows, the bigger the hair, the closer to God. and even though larger hair accouterment is not the full-meal-deal, it's still one step closer.

or if, on joyful wing cleaving the sky,
sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I fly,
still all my song shall be,
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

***interested in making a few bows of your own? visit for great materials and ideas.

if you ever need an NFP-only family practitioner, let me know. he's in arlington and he is the only NFP-only doctor that i know of here. his office may be able to refer a midwife, but i'm not sure. but the smock maison really likes him and recommends him.

finally! the ultimate for bacon lovers ...


according to the website, CMMG Tactical Bacon has at least a ten year shelf life and is perfect for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, and end of the world scenarios.

i say, at only $15.95 a can, this is the perfect christmas smockstocking stuffer. hint-hint, mamas!

the following snippet, concerning the funeral Mass for edward kennedy, is from an editorial entitled kennedy's catholic service was atrocity in the pocono record.

One commentator called it a traditional Catholic funeral service. In a traditional funeral there are no eulogies from laymen, no opera singers in the sanctuary. No world class cellist and the Dies Irae is sung.

Wolf in sheep's clothing Cardinal O'Malley presided over this atrocity. His buffoon Fr. Mark Hession gave us this: "Edward Kennedy was a wonderful Catholic and is already in heaven." The presumption. The gall. The hypocrisy.

of course it is no surprise that the whole Mass was an insulting mess, but the part that chaps my hide is father hession's remark. when a priest thinks he can elevate the dead to sainthood just by declaring it so, something has gone horribly wrong. how can he make such a bold public statement and not be censured by the Church? i don't get it.



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