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can you tell the smock's plantar fasciitis has kicked in again? well, since most shoes designed specifically for this condition look ... uhm ... eco-friendly rather than fashion forward, you'll never see me in a pair. in public. but since i can still manage motion in a good pair of flats with a hidden support, i think i'd opt for these aDORable little fred perry "heavenly pink" gingham flats because beauty doesn't always have to be painful.

and since i'm having so much fun, while i'd never actually wear an animal print, i'd enjoy envying someone else who could step out in these whimsical little puppies...


if u really heart the smock ...



yes, you too can find this incredible delectable at lollyphile! it's the caffeinated maple-bacon lollipop, just in time to order it for the smock for saint valentine's day! can bacon possible get any sweeter?



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