All things Texan #18

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Who wants to live in a little ole tiny state? Or a state that is square? THIS is what a state ought to look like!


Uh, can we get back to Renee please?

TSO is just jealous. The way I see it, there are only two states that really count: Texas and California. The rest are lovely places, full of wonderful people, and all that, and if they all got together they could probably have a decent chance at taking on California OR Texas. If we ever decided to unite and form one big, former Mexican, giant, big-old-can-of-whup-ass state, we would have the rest of them surrendering in no time flat.

SNORT! Fruits and nuts, Erik! Just a bunch of fruits and nuts!

Yes, we are just a bunch of fruits and nuts, but the best, organic, heirloom varieties grown in the best topsoil in the world. Why, not only do we take care of our own fruits and nuts, but we are the number one exporter of fruits and nuts to the rest of the world. And we have great labels on the crates of our fruits and nuts, real classics in the annals of American design. Furthermore, we have the best variety of fruits and nuts. You get some of these New England states and they've got, what? Volvo liberals and backwoods paranoid puritans? Maybe some UFO freaks and the occasional walnut. Well we've got those, and a thousand others. If something can grow somewhere in the world, it can grow here. So, I'll see your Amish and raise you an Esalen.



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