All things Texan #9

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There is simply no more Texan musician than the incomparable Willie Nelson.


I was just listening to Willie this morning. Did not even remember that it was Texas Independence Day. How's that for proof of something or other?

Such beautiful hair--AND AT HIS AGE!

Kathy, that's crazy talk. The man is a great musician, but he needs a haircut even more than I do. Why, if he ever came around here, I would say, "Willie, you're a genius, but sit still while we take a few feet off the top, sides, and back!"

But his "Willow Weep For Me" that he did as a guest artist on the Tin Hat Trio's The Rodeo Eroded is magnificent, long hair and all.

My favorites? Hello, Walls. Unchained Melody. Stardust. AND everything else.



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