BabyK is finally here!

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after three strapping lads, SpecialK finally delivered a precious little lass! Sophia Claire 9 lbs. 2 oz. 7:29am March 8th

congratulations and blessings to the whole "special" clan from aunt micki and aunt tewwy


The happiest days are when babies are born!
Blessings to mommy and baby Sophia.

Lizzie and I saw her Sat, and we were convinced she was having another boy.

Deo gratias!

Blessings and rejoicing! Hi, baby Sophia!

Welcome baby Sophia!

Congratulations. Lovely name.

WOOO! Congratulations Kirsten!! You will have to tell me what it is like to have a girl after three boys. Maybe I'll find out for myself someday ;)


Gorgeous name, of course. God bless you and keep you all, little Sophia Claire and her three big brothers.

Congratulations! And welcome to Sophia.

Hope L&D was easy...

Now there's a pretty name!

I am so glad that I FINALLY got to change our sidebar to "mother of four" instead of "3 and 1 on the way."

God bless her all her days.

Wonderful! Congratulations! God's blessings on her always!

Wow! What a woman! Handling an overdue pregnancy with the grace of an angel on Sunday, I can't believe you were only a few hours from delivery!!! Congratualtions and God bless!
So much for the "it's a boy theory!"

Lovely name!Congratulations!


What a beautiful name!

God bless you both!

Congrats. Girls rule.

Congratulations! And welcome to the blogosphere, Sophia Claire!


congratulations! what a nice large child! when you feel like sharing the details, I am all ears......




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