Birth control with no prescription or doctor visits

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A new study is being done to see whether delivery of hormonal contraceptives can be delivered without a doctor's prescription: Las Vegas SUN: Wash. Lets Women Get the Pill From Store

Yep. Bop on into Walgreen's and get your Pills and your toothpaste! Don't worry about any nasty doctor's appointments or fees. Yikes!


This is crazy, if not just for the moral reasons. Becuase the Pill is potentially physically dangerous. My wife (biologist/biochemist) has told me that pumping your body full of extra hormones isn't the healtiest thing for a woman to do.

You know, sometimes I almost wish that they would make all that stuff OTC, just so those of us in the health care professions would not be complicit in their use. Also, maybe we would start to actually see the negatives more clearly without even the minimal medical screening and counseling that occurs now. I mean, they aren't going to ban it any time soon.
But then I get so tired of trying to explain just what the risks really are.........

Also, If they are OTC, then maybe Catholic Charities, et al would not have to provide health insurance to cover them.



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