God is good.....

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It never ceases to surprise me how often God sends someone into my path to tell me what I needed to hear at the most opportune moment.

It seems my life has been full of too many cares and too little joy lately. We are beginning a stewardship campaign at church, and as the treasurer of the parish, I must sit on that committee. It will be a lot of work, and it is a worrisome thing, because the future of our parish may depend on how well we do this stewardship thing. We had a meeting last night--actually a very productive one--but I would rather have been at home! Who wouldn't?

Anyway, as we were walking out of the meeting, another committee member and I were discussing why we think it is absolutely essential for our parish to continue to exist--and I made the offhand remark, "Where would we be with no St. Mary's? Where would the whole city be with no outlet for beautiful worship?"

Smockmomma's husband came up behind me and said, "In God's hands. Right where we are all the time."

Yep. That's what I needed to be reminded of! I have work to do. I hope we succeed brilliantly. But whatever happens, we are in God's hands. Now. And always.

Thank you, Smockhubby, for reminding me of that. You'll never know how much it meant.


Thank you. God is good that way.

How does this stewardship campaign thing work? My parish is having a bit of financial trouble, as well, and I'm on our parish council. We've been trying to brainstorm on ways to get us out of the hole, but so far all we can come up with is an increased contribution to the Diocesan-Parish Share Campaign. When I saw this about the stewardship campaign, I wondered if it might work for St. Anthony's. I'd really appreciate it if you'd e-mail me (nnelson@catholicexchange.com) and kind of briefly explain how it works, if you have the time.



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