Here's my cross (I hope the picture shows up)

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You are the Mexican Cross: This ceramic cross is
hand crafted and painted in Mexico. Its bright
colors make it appropriate for the kitchen or a
child's bedroom, reminding us of the joy of the

What Kind of Cross are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This fits me to a "T"--not much of a pun intended!


I'm the Cross of San Damiano, a little duplicate of which is hanging less than a foot from my computer screen. I just had to slide my eyes over and smile.

These little quizzes can be kind of cool.

I'm also the San Damiano Crucifix. Interestingly, I picked out a Rosary with a San Damiano Crucifix and a medal of St. Francis before I went on the March for Life 2003. Because he's the patron saint of Catholic activists. I'm one of those, I guess.

That Mexican cross looks too lib'ral. I got San Damiano too.

Mark R! Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa!

To think I might be a "lib'ral"!

Oh my stars and garters!



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