I cannot believe I did this!

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I found my Easter skirt and sweater ON SALE at Foley's the other night. I was proud of myself for finding something nice, feminine, and kinda flirty, all at a reasonable price. (That's my style--PRACTICAL.)

Then today? I bought a pair of GREEN (actually--"limon") dress slides to wear with it. Even though they were on sale, I feel so frivolous buying them!

'Member that winter shoe funk Elinor and I went through a few months ago? Well, I'm busted out of it now! These shoes are pretty and so totally NOT ME!!!!!

Cha cha cha!


holy macanoley, mamaT. i kid you not, i just bought lime green sandles for Easter. WE'RE TWINS!

Sheesh, wimmens and their shoes. Something I will never understand. For me it is: black wingtips, brown wingtips, clogs, hiking boots, running shoes and a pair of sandals. That's it (although I have owned golf shoes and cycling shoes). Melanie, on the other hand, has this arsenal of footwear that is incomprehensible to me, and she is nowhere near the Imelda Marcos level of most women. Amalia already has a collection bigger than mine and she is two and a half. I don't get it.

Winter shoes? Wha? Maybe some rain boots or something, but that is not what you wimmens mean, no?

Now, a good selection of ties, that makes sense (provided they are all Italian silk - no knit ties for this one), but shoes? They take up too much room.

What is it with lime green? I bought an expensive suit last year--it looked stunning on the BRUNETTE model in the catalog. Turned out it was CHARTREUSE, and I ended up giving it away.

So what happened this year? I got the Easter bug, and got myself another LIME GREEN DRESS, with POLKA DOTS, yet!

But this is more a "soft apple green" than a bold lime--though I found some nice lime flats to match!

Well, the lesson to learn from all this, obviously, is: GREEN SHOES RULE!


Erik: The funniest routine Jeff Foxworthy ("You might be a redneck if...") does is about shoes and women. His favorite thing is when his wife puts on two different shoes with an outfit, then holds up one leg: "OK, Does this shoe look better?", then holding up the other leg: "Or does this shoe?" He says he can't tell any difference, but he plays along just to watch her looking like a flamingo. "I don't know baby, let me see 'em again."

The thing about shoes is this: They're cute. You can try them on even if you are feeling fat. Women of all different sizes can shop TOGETHER for them--something that doesn't happen if your friends run the gamut from petite to plus size and you are going clothes shopping. They are not so expensive at Payless or Target (or the clearance rack!) that you can't occasionally treat yourself to a new pair. And other women notice them and like them!

once again, I am the outlier. I have such a hard time finding shoes that both fit and look good that I have just about given up. When I lived on the left coast, I could survive in sandals - however sandals and snow just don't make it.....
I have to fight back attacks of bright green envy when I see y'all in your sexy slippers.
I have been a size 10 double wide since the age of 14. The only sexy shoes I own are my black deerskin leather cowboy boots with the pointy toes and all - and they just don't go with flowery easter stuff.

Don't despair, Alicia--Kate Winslet also has size 10 feet! If she can find lime green shoes, so can you!

I basically have one pair of shoes, suede (?) chunky 1.5 or 2-inch heels, black, with the fabric finally peeling off after owning them for 3 1/2 years and wearing them exclusively for probably well over a year. I also have a pair of sneakers which I wore to the 2003 March for Life that probably wouldn't have been that much more comfortable than my broken-in high heels.

I am a 7D (double-wide) and hate shoe-shopping for this reason. I do not enjoy being a big spender on clothes and girly items to begin with. But with the fabric peeling off the shoes that double as "dress" and "everyday" I think I am going to have no choice but to shell out for, ideally, 2 new pairs. I don't like thick and chunky, but I bought what fit me in a hurry for a new job last time. I like little ballerina slipper type girly shoes and things with bows... and I hate sneakers.

It's not the size 10, it's the double wide that it the problem.
However, I have found a local cobbler who does custonm shoes - now if only I can find the $400 for a pair......

i can't believe i'm gonna admit to this, but, i'm an eight wide. my feet are so square (wide) that my daddy used to tease that we should save money and just ask for the shoebox.
when i was modeling i learned the trick of the trade -- you just up the size. if i want to wear girlygirlies all i do is buy a size nine. sorta like my precious dolly in steel magnolias:
well, in a good shoe i wear a size six; but a seven feels so good, i buy a size eight.

Ohhh I can't wait to see. I need to find something for Easter but I think i'm just gonna pull something out of the closet. I want a house more than a new outfit...

Nope, upping the size doesn't work for me, I just have it flopping off the end and squeezing at the front. I can't even seem to hack 7 1/2 D when they have that but not 7D -- I think I might have one foot that's more of a 6 3/4 than a 7 or something. Sigh. Of course, there's apparently not a pair of pants off a rack that fits me, either. Down with clothes shopping of all kinds.

Huh. In my family, it's my husband who has the shoe thing. He has more pairs of shoes than I do. I mean, he's got like five pairs of sneakers/tennis shoes/skate shoes alone. All different colors, of course, so he can coordinate with his clothing. I've never even considered coordinating tennis shoes with my outfits the way he does! Dress shoes, maybe, but tennis shoes?!?!?

I have to wear really sturdy shoes, because I used to dance and my feet suffer if I wear anything that doesn't offer firm support. So strappy little sandals are out for me. Nobody wants to see my gnarled toes anyway. So I have one pair each in casual and dress of brown shoes & black shoes and one pair of Chuck Taylors with special inserts so I can wear them without my feet screaming at me.

My husband passed his love of shoes down to Zooey and Edyn. They are both ga-ga at the thought of shoe shopping, which will be done this week!

I swear it's an inheritable trait. When we met DH's biological mom (he's adopted) and looked at her family history, I saw a cobbler back about four generations. "That's where you get it," I told DH. He disagreed, saying nobody who worked on shoes all day would love them that much and the "cobbler's children wear no shoes." I countered with the fact that the cobbler may not have cared much about shoes, but the chick that married the cobbler was surely nuts about them!

The perfect shoes definitely make the outfit, not to mention lifting the spirits. Alas I now have a big ole bunion on one foot, so my major stylin' days are, if not over, limited.

Smockmomma! We have the same shoe size! Yes, I have square feet, too... I also have flat feet, when I'm barefoot my feet look like Fred Flintstone's!

Alicia! Payless! They have pretty, strappy, comfortable shoes in wide widths and big shoe sizes. I have crazy wide feet and love it! Even my grandma can find stuff there and she's a size 11!

even Payless doesn't cut it except rarely. I have several pairs of Clarks sandals, two pairs of birks, by sheepskin slippers, and my cowboy boots. All in either black, brown, or navy. No wait, I take that back. I have moss green closed toe birks that were special ordered and almost fit (meaning I can wear them for about 4 hours before my toes go numb).

Yeah, Payless doesn't have double wide. Maybe for longer feet, normal and standard wide widths are also wider, whereas 7's are supposed to have dainty little narrow feet.

My feet seem to have this one part that juts out. Suede shoes eventually reshape to accommodate it -- the double wide suede shoes I can wear in the first place.



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