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miss knapp, of from the anchor hold, caused a little buzz by posting this beautiful and stirring rendition of the annunciation.


if i'm not mistaken, history was not seen as particularly linear until the nineteenth or twentieth century. in fact, Mary, Christ, the disciples, etc. were most often seen as "ever present" throughout the ages. this is why we see Christ calling a matthew who is wearing contemporary clothes in carravaggio's the calling of saint matthew or a dandy lazarus in the famous fifteenth century panel saint lazarus between mary and martha, just to name two.

i am deeply intrigued by this painting. modern depictions of Mary have been something i have been interested in for some time; in fact, hub and i have commissioned a modern artist to do a contemporary Madonna and Child for our home. we poured over several books, and i never came across this one. miss knapp thinks it's by john carroll collier. i cannot find anything about this piece. if anyone can verify the title and or the artist, i'd be much obliged.

SHAME ON ME: i just found out that this artist, indeed mr. collier, came to our parish and discussed this very painting. that's what i get for missing our lenten lectures. here is an article about his work on a 9/11 memorial and a website devoted to his work. make sure to view his rendition of the pieta. oh yeah, and best of all, he resides in TEXAS. yeeHAW.



I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! I have a notecard of it--and Mr. Collier's autograph on the inside. I intend to have it framed.

I was at that Lenten lecture, and he spoke so movingly of the symbolism in the picture. He is a very gentle and humble man.

His main focus in this was to highlight Mary's youth (hence the saddle oxfords) and her obedience to the call of God from birth on (that's why she's portrayed as reading--those portraits showing Mary reading are understood to show her reading Scripture). There are LOTS more symbols within the picture.

His main forte is sculpture, and he has a pair of angels that if I ever win the lottery I am buying and putting on our high altar wall.

I love it, too!

I like it, too. It's different but not irreverent.

(I also think I would have found it comforting back in my youth when I had to wear corrective saddle shoes to school when all the other girls had loafers. :) )

Yes, this is John's piece... (He's my father-in-law.) You can find his site at http://www.hillstream.com.

thank you, mr. erickson! what a blessing to be related to such talent and reverence for Our Lady. we are grateful to you for stopping by our humble site. many blessings to you and yours from the summa mamas!



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