In honor of Texas Independence Day.....

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....I've had the country western station blaring away in my car as I ran my errands. Yee haw! And the sexiest song on the radio? Trace Adkins' One Hot Mama. How can a stay at home mom resist a song with a verse like this:

Well, I know sometimes you think that all you really are,
Is the woman with the kids an' the groceries in the car.
An' you worry about your hips an' you worry about your age.
Meanwhile I'm tryin' to catch the breath you take away.
Oh, an' believe me, you still do.
Baby, all I see, when I look at you,

Is one hot mama....

LOVE IT!!!!! And take that all you rock and roll, rap and other artists! When was the last time any of YOU sang about YOUR wives?


I'm starting to like country music, some of it, and it is a little scary. I have lived here 8 and a half years now. I've given up wanting to leave, Texas is home.

I should state, for the record, my favorite is stilllll rock & punk ish stuff. Okay so I like a wide variety & if I tried to list it all I would never end this comment.

Which has nothing much to do with YOUR post. BUT I would like to hear that song, as a sahm i just can't resist those lyrics.



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