it ain't called common for nuthin'

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congrats to our sweet alicia, of fructus ventris, and our dear mr. miller, also known as the curt jester, for chapping the hides down t'uh the commonweal for being too ... catholic?

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COMMONWEAL has an opinion on St. Blog's Parish. I suppose I should reply to it eventually, since I did get a brief mention. I will say that I have a big issue with those who would attempt to neatly categorize... Read More


What! She didn't even mention the FRANKLINFAMILY or THE SUMMAMAMAS! She doesn't know of extremism!

bless your heart for so saying, mr. franklin.

Yep, we Mamas pride ourselves on our extreme Catholicism, motherhood, and Texan-ness (well, at least 2 out of the three of us pride ourselves on our Texan-ness!).

I think I got mentioned just because my day(and night) job is so, well, unique.
Now that she's plugged me, I guess I need to get on the ball and write something substantive.

my response is up on the site.

For the record, I didn't read my mention in the article in that way --- I think I got caught just because either eremitical vocations are kind of rare or because I'm a Milwaukean writing occasionally about our bishops with high respect, which also makes me stick out in the blogworld.

I've responded to Commonweal, but haven't posted it yet; I want the Commonweal editors to read it first.

karen marie
"from the anchor hold"



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