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....this is an issue that Fr A and I have discussed on several occasions--how to invest as a Catholic. I received a card in the mail from these folks today. It is certainly something to think about: Ave Maria Mutual Funds: Smart Investing and Catholic Values

In thinking about the California decision about insurance, and Alicia's comments on an insurance company not wanting to tailor a plan to fit a Catholic entity, I'm just wondering why no Catholic health insurance company exists--one that would tailor its coverage to the mandates of the Church. Perhaps, as Alicia suggested, offering NO prescription drug coverage, but with a lower premium because of that, etc.

Is there a Catholic health insurance company?


Haven't found one yet. Hoping to get such an entity up and running. Seriously, that's why I got an MBA. I probably need a stronger resume before I can drum up investment to capitalize the company. You'll be among the first I notify when it gets going.

No prescription drug benifits scares me!! Being a good Catholic I would still never go to an insurance without one. Currently the medication that is keeping me and my baby living costs $25 dollars a pill (and I take two a day some women have to take much more). At $50 dollars a day, I couldn't do it without my insurance.

Remember some of us need certain medications urgently! What do we do if we can't pay for them? I shudder at the thought of being in that position.



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