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No, the Summa Mamas have NOT become the official I Love Renee Zellweger fan site. However, Smock must get this obsession out of her system before she explodes.

We appreciate your patience during this outbreak of Renee-love.

Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!


I love that she disabled comments on the post below.

And I won't argue, I don't think I could describe her without using the word elegant:

"Renee Zelleger, the annoyingly phony Academy Award winning pseudo-angenue, looks elegant in her white Oscar-night dress that her stylist picked out for her."

Oooh, Kenny is gonna get it. Smock has been through your wallet and knows where you live. Did you mean to type pseudo-enegnue? The only thing about her I dislike is that she is that freakmonster she is dating. Their kids will be very, very pale.


Ok, I will say Renee looked very elegant last night. It was a definite improvement from her recent appearances. Like this,1912,751,00.html
or this

Oh what a difference a couple of months and a new
stylist can make.

That is a great dress. My Barbie had the same one (c. 1960) only in pale pink. Some looks never go out of style.

the word that you all are messing up is ingenue, btw.
she may look elegant but if she were my daughter, I wouldn't let her out of the house undressed like that.
Don't you think a shoulder wrap of some kind would have added to her appearance?

I thought she looked much better in the "Fries with That?" Quarter-Pounder photo than in this one. She's sort of waistless here.


re: the 'Barbie' type dress below. Barbie did have a wrap of some sort. A white fur stole. (Not PC but quite elegant.) It was lined with white satin and had some sort of glittery clasp.
Caution would be in order. Barbie was not careful where she stored her wrap and the family dachshund ate it.....

MY favorite Barbie glamour dress was the black Rosemary Clooney type number with the form fitting black sparkle material all the way to about her knees and then black sparkle netting flaring out below that.....

I wish someone would wear THAT to an awards show.



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