Oh, Moloch! Your Holiday is Tomorrow!

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What are you doing to "celebrate"?

Wednesday, March 10th is officially a "National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers." Read the article here and weep: Joel Mowbray: Holiday for Abortionists--Seriously

Here's a couple of paragraphs:

The abortionist appreciation “holiday,” according to the web site of the umbrella group that founded it, Refuse and Resist, entails such as activities as “local appreciation day events,” and asking people to use their “imagination, creativity and dedication to help create a climate” where abortionists “can hold their heads high.”

The Refuse and Resist web site also encourages people to give gifts to their friendly local abortion providers.

So what do you get someone after a long day of collapsing the skulls of unborn children so their tiny bodies fall lifeless out of the uterus? A “breakfast basket of fruit or muffins” is recommended.

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That's disgusting. Utterly, completely disgusting.

without any feeling of guilt, i hope they all get the itch.

I'm glad Davey didn't end up being born the day after his "due date" or that'd be his birthday.

I would love to believe that PP et al. are out of touch with mainstream America to do this kind of thing, but it seems like mainstream America sides with PP where it really counts, even if few people participate in these dopey displays.

Well, if anyone is interested in seeing an abortionist get his, go here:


(It's a horror story that's more about justice than anything.)


Interesting article. I was hoping that the story would have ended with the abortionist's conversion, when confronted with the horror that he had committed, like Dr. Bernard Nathanson. I went to that site's home-page, however, and was disappointed to see that the group/person that runs it, seems to be very anti-Catholic. Calling the Church the "Whore of Babylon," and that kind of rubbish.



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