oh, mrs. vonhuben!

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first of all, i'm glad to be back after a four day hiatus. isn't it funny how tired you can get while on vacation? all i want to do is jump in bed and veg. but as fellow parents know, being gone from the keep for four days means there's quite a bit of ... um, damage recovery to do.
but, that's okay today because while perusing the ether, i discovered something that's got me so excited, i'm ready to (as demurely as possible) bust a gut! mind you, i only know one other person who shares my enthusiasm for arrested development, hence the title of this post, but i'm sharing in case you're feeling adventurous. there's an arrested development marathon tonight! and if you enjoy cerebral humor, tune in or (if like me you're busier than a one arm paper hanger) tivo!


Oh, yeah......
Since I'm a bit under the weather, I rationalized spending most of the afternoon on the couch watching the Arrested Development marathon as an investment in my good health. Thus, I was also well rested in time for the prime-time episode... :)

Hope you are getting your energy back up too !

@#$%! the only problem with using tivo is this: if your television is tuned to the wrong channel, you don't record the right show! i missed the conclusion of the julia dreyfus stint. AaaRRgh!



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