OK, here's the thing....

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.....I just finished watching the DVD One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams.


I don't think I'll ever be able to drop off photos at the quick develop place again.



::shiver:: i coulda saved you the time. wasn't robin williams a total freak in that flick? ugh.

"In that flick?" Apparently you have never met Mr. Williams. Move to the Bay Area. Within a year you will drop the modifying phrase.

I used to work in a Fotomat kiosk in 1981. I'll have to rent that movie!

We "Fotomates" and "Fotomacs" used to look through all the photos in the drawer when there were no customers--then we used to get on the phone and gossip about the funny or dirty ones!

Smock: I thought he was GREAT in the movie, and I thought the cinematography was awesome! His supporting characters---meeeehhhh, not so hot. But I thought his performance in this was ACES!

See, it's that Bill Murray Lost in Translation thing. You liked him in that. I liked Robin Williams in this. I thought even his body language was right on target. Was the film without flaws? No--a first time director is gonna do some stupid things--the blood in the eyes scene for the most obvious. But I thought Robin Williams personified the "But he was such a nice, quiet man" serial killer. I have always felt there was a dark, icky side to someone like Williams==who lives at such a stream of consciousness pitch in public life. He nailed the character!

agreed. but i still think he was a freak.



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