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40% Of The Internet Loves Me!
I am loved by 40% of the population, including:
12468 people who love happy people
10727 people who love people who like cake
8659 people who love people who wear sweaters
In return, I love 99% of the population, including:
8797 writers
13621 women
2107 quiz makers
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Link via Ellyn at Oblique House. She got it from Michelle at And Then?


I am loved by 79% of the population, including:
8504 people who love women
8669 people who love bloggers
2882 people who love conservatives

In return, I love 6% of the population, including:
5015 people who drink lots and lots of coffee
5979 negative people
1621 conservatives
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Humph....that is just par for my course these days. I love everyone, and they don't love me. Micki doesn't love ANYONE ('cept me, of course!) and EVERYBODY loves her.

Does that seem fair to you???? I think not.



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