Two head banging moments from Deal Hudson's latest e-letter

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For those of you who receive Deal Hudson's e-letter, this will be a repeat. But I thought it worth a repeat:

You may have seen the recent report of a new novelty item being sold
at Urban Outfitters, a hip clothing chain. It's a magnet of Jesus on
the cross, complete with other magnetic "outfits" that you can dress
him up in. There's a ballet tutu, a devil's costume, a hula skirt...
even a sign you can place over his head that reads "Hang in there,

When some of their outraged customers complained, the brain trust
over at Urban Outfitters responded that they weren't selling the
product to offend anyone but merely to "reflect a diversity of
opinion among its customer base."

Really? Then I suppose we can expect to see a Mohammed magnet
(complete with multiple wives and an explosive suicide-belt) or the
cross-dressing Moses magnet... But of course, that will never happen,
because the folks at Urban Outfitters wouldn't dream of offending
Muslims and Jews with such repugnant items. The plain fact is,
Christianity is the only religion that remains a fair target for the
mockery and denigration of the secular liberal elite.

Which brings us to Augusta, Georgia...

Another recent example of liberal anti-Christian bigotry popped up
at a St. Patrick's Day parade, of all places. Organizers of the
Irish-American Heritage Society's parade in Augusta refused to allow
a local youth group to carry crosses in Wednesday's parade, saying
the parade "cannot be a platform for anyone's views, standpoints on
politics, religion, [or] race."

The youth group's minister complained, pointing out the obvious
irony -- the holiday is SAINT Patrick's day, the celebration of a
saint and bishop in the Catholic Church. It is, by its very nature, a
Christian religious holiday. To say that carrying crosses in the
parade would be an inappropriate platform for a particular religion
would be like banning hymns at Christmas because it would be
endorsing a particular religious viewpoint.

Unfortunately, the parade organizers were immune to the obvious. In
the end, the teens were told they'd only be allowed to carry

It's amazing, when you think about it. The vast majority of
Americans today openly confess some form of Christianity. We
currently have a film about the Passion of Christ that will surely
become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. And yet
Christianity is still the target of relentless ridicule by liberal

These people are hopelessly out of touch.

I am off to the Urban Outfitters website, if there is one, to see what I can scout up. I'll amend the entry if I can find anything.


Here is the web page for their contacts:

I searched their online catalog, but couldn't find the magnet. I did find some Jesus gift wrapping paper (?) and some Jesus t-shirts, some of which I thought were funny for teens ("Jesus surfs without a board", "Jesus is my homeboy", and a shirt with a picture of Christ with the crown of thorns with the caption "The Boss") in that sort of "in your face evangelization" style. Then there were a couple that I didn't like/didn't "get". Didn't like "biker Jesus" and didn't get "My other Jesus is a Camaro". Nothing about the magnet on the website......


Good post, Terry. I don't get that email but it's good stuff. My wife has an old picture of me in beard and long hair sitting on a Harley that might remind you of 'biker Jesus', but it wouldn't exactly incline you to prayer. Or maybe it would. It is obvious I could have used it.

Wow, Augusta,GA.. I hadn't even heard that about the parade yet.



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