was theyuh evuh inny doubt?

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  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, What Civil War General are you like?, is Gen. Robert E. Lee (Confederate): Most famous military leader in U.S. history. Kept the Confederates hopes alive from 1862 when he commanded the Army of Northern Virginia to 1865. or Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest (Confederate): Forrest was a true military genius, who had no formal education but once survived an encounter in which 30 Yankees all tried to kill him.

    charged acrost thisun ove' yonder ta' and then?


    Here's me:

    Lt. Gen. James Longstreet (Confederate): A pre-war friend of Grant, Longstreet was Lee's most trusted general. After the war, his reputation fell in the South as he first became a Republican, then wrote his memoirs, which criticized Gen. Lee.

    Smock, I promise I won't criticize you in my memoirs. But I AM a republican......

    Hey, Smockmomma, did you erase Sheridan out of your quiz result??? ;)

    you think i'm gonna be compared to a yankee, even if it's a brave yankee, you got another think comin' sistuh. =0)



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