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A father watched his daughter playing in the garden.
He smiled as he reflected on how sweet and innocent
his little girl was. Suddenly she stopped and
stared at the ground. He went over to her and noticed
she was looking at two spiders mating.

"Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?" she

"They're mating," her father replied.

"What do you call the spider on top, Daddy?" she asked.

"That's a Daddy Longlegs." Her father answered.

"So, the other one is Mommy Longlegs?" the little girl asked.

"No," her father replied. "Both of them are Daddy Longlegs."

The little girl thought for a moment, then took her foot
and stomped them flat and said "Well, it might be okay
in California, New York, or Massachusetts,
but we're not having any of that crap in Texas."

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Dear Smockmama,

Hysterical--I'm sending all my friend. (Yes you read that right)



Ahh... the innocence of youth, so rare nowadays

Funniest thing I've read all week!

Was Texas the home of the Lawrence case that the SCOTUS used as a wedge?

Yes, the Lawerence (sp?) case came out of Texas. While I was in law school, the local chapter of Lambda Legal Defense Fund invited the brief writer for Lawerence to speak on the issues and their agenda. I can't say I found the arguments compelling -- standard Libertoid claptrap about individual rights/personal autonomy.

Oh well. Funny anecdote, but I feel sorry for the spiders.

alicia, it was one of our more embarrassing "wha' thuhell just happened?" moments. we've had but a few, but -- as is the case in TEXAS -- it was a bigun!



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