29th Book of 2004 finished...


Castleview by Gene Wolfe.

This was a very fast read--the writing is good, and you are drawn along with the story. But I'd have to say that in the end it did not make as much sense to me as I had hoped it would.

Interesting concept, that the "fairy world" is indeed real--and documented by hundreds of sightings a year that are blown off as the fanciful dreamings of uneducated folk--but I didn't think that in the end it was successful. It seemed like a giant in-joke for Arthurian legend freaks. And since I am not one, I didn't understand enough of the allusions, etc. to truly enjoy the book.

The funniest part? The cat (almost a "Puss in Boots" type) named G. Gordon Kitty.

One thing I will say in favor of the book, though? It was good enough to make me want to read other things by Mr. Wolfe.



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