Another good article from Christianity Today:

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When My Son Was Arrested for Murder - Christianity Today Magazine

The paragraph that struck me?

When we fully understand that we are in a spiritual battle, that the world is not our home, just a "stopping off" place, we can begin to get excited about having a short time to engage in the battle raging around us. The Enemy wants us to waste our time generating anger toward others, ruminating over personal betrayals and over injustices due to sickness, accidents, and evil. He wants to destroy our ability to function productively and to disengage us from inspiring others to be Christ-followers. He wants us to give up and die or to control everything around us in such a tight-fisted manner that we're tied up in ridiculous knots.


Hi MamaT...I just read the whole article and they do not say tell the conclusion to this sad story. Do you know what happened and if this young man went to jail?

Yes. I looked up the rest of the story. He was sentenced to life without parole in the Florida courts. He is working with the prison chaplain.

The mom has written a book, based on the story but applying the lessons to any hard time we face. I think it's called When I Lay Down My Isaac.

As the mother of an only son, I found the story both chilling and touching.



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