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Just a little funny from Thomas Sowell:

The media often mention "ultra-conservatives" but never "ultra-liberals." Have ultra-liberals become extinct, gotten lost, or met with foul play? We cannot ignore the fate of fellow human beings, even if we differ with them politically. At the very least, we can report them as missing persons.


Aren't ultra-liberals just plain leftists? I lived in a very lefty district of a very left-wing town. Most of these folks are characterized by the right as "liberals", but they themselves would never use that term. Such lefties refer to themselves as "progressives". A liberal pretty much wants to have his cake and eat it too: he likes the accoutrements of wealth AND what is perceived as a compassionate social policy. In attire on the East Coast, at least (where I live now), they are almost identical to well-employed conservatives, drive similar cars, live in like neighborhoods. The leftist, who may even be very well-paid too, is still too much smitten with the 60s or the Spanish Civil War (or what have you) to have any association with establishmentarianism. Such would consider "true" "liberals" (the have your cake and eat it crowd) as just another type of conservative.
This looks like a mass media, surface observation on the part of Mr. Sowell.

A good drinking game for Baptists is to drink everytime you hear Brokaw-Rather-Jennings refer to someone as a liberal.

ain't *that* the truth!


I think the media aspect was exactly what Mr. Sowell *was* getting at--basically a surface type thing.

Not that they don't TRULY exist, just that they are never actually labelled as such by the media. Run a scan on the media and see how many times you come up with the words ultra conservative and how many times you come up with ultra liberal.

It makes sense that both would exist. One of them is just "missing" from news coverage--missing only because of the lack of a label.....




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