ever wonder...

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...when "catchin' up" becomes gossip?
...when "tellin' it like it is" becomes detraction?
...when a "fib" becomes a lie?
...when "just checkin' his bod" becomes adultery?
...when "one more helpin'" becomes gluttony?
...when "five more minutes" becomes sloth?

as saturday confession fast approaches, i start to ponder these things. it is in the day-to-dayness of my sinfulness that actual sin becomes so difficult to put my finger on. the doozies, the whoppers, the great big sins are easy to identify. it's the venial sin that i'm always inclined to pass off by way of euphemism. was it really easier when i was protestant and the herald "a sin is a sin is a sin" was the blanket statement i needed to feel guilty about every thing?


I think that just qualified as Smockmomma's Modern Examination of Conscience. ;)



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