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Speaking Out: Life with Dignity - Christianity Today Magazine

The editorial focuses on Terri Schiavo's case.

Some paragraphs:

Whatever happened to Christian compassion for the weak and defenseless? Now it is no more than "pure speculation." In other words, full steam ahead with pulling the feeding tube.

Many proposals for improving care for those with brain injuries emerged from the Rome conference, according to Province: developing specialized coma care units, launching national registries for severe brain injury, and providing standardized diagnosis and assessment.

Facing our ignorance both in theology and science, we ought to tread lightly before wantonly playing God with the lives of the weakest among us—and those with severe brain injuries are surely that. Some people in comas inexplicably recover, while others do not. All, however, bear the divine image. All have inherent dignity. All are messengers pointing us to another world and the God whom we see dimly now, but one day will see face to face.



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