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When More Is Less - Christianity Today Magazine

Donna, over at Quiet Life (link to the right) has had some musings about frugality, poverty, and the like lately.

A paragraph from the above editorial rings true to me:

Having two incomes is not the problem, of course, but how we spend them. To live in sync with biblical priorities, we need to assess and reassess what constitutes the good life. Our consumer society impoverishes our imagination by normalizing luxury.

Normalizing luxury. Love the phrase, and wish I had thought of it.


"People who intentionally live on less to do more for others should be our model."


The other side of this is what I see happening to the younger gen-X kids. They are choosing not to marry nor to have children when they do - or they wait until nearly the end of their childbearing years to 'settle down'.
I was talking with my 28 y/o son, his girlfriend, and many of their single friends about some of this stuff, and it comes down to 'waiting till we can afford it' to get married etc. But they are not looking at simple lifestyles, they are looking at having the TIVO, the 1 bedroom per child house, etc. They want the lifestyle but they don't want to get into horrible debt to have it, so they are forgoing what I personally consider the better joys of life - family and children.
The really tragic downside of much of this is that it has fueled the infertility industry. THink about it. Fertility starts to decline at around age 27 for women, and the decline gets steeper starting around age 35. If you wait until 35 or so to even marry, and then wait another couple of years to start trying to concieve - many will find it extremely difficult.
We have been sold a bill of goods all the way around.

just remember that avon is not a luxury.

Amen, alicia.



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