Grownups' night out!

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For our 25th anniversary, PapaC and I splurged and bought tickets (nosebleed section, but tickets!) to the Casa Manana summer musicals at the Bass.

The first production was Les Miserables. That was the only show that Zteen had wanted to see, so PapaC gave up his ticket to Zteen. It was wonderful.

The second production was Annie, the least interesting of the choices, to our minds. We'd seen the movie, of course, and various amateur productions of the play. Good thing we thought that. PapaC's surgery was scheduled the day of our tickets! So, we missed that one. Boo.

Tonight is Beauty and the Beast, and I'm looking forward to it. It seems a bit odd to leave the "kids" at home--Zteen is babysitting for McBaby, who is staying with us this week. But she's too little to sit for so long, and Zteen wouldn't be caught dead at B&B. So it's date night for us! Yeehaw!


Oooooh gotta love beauty & the beast! How was it?


It had all the songs from the video, plus more that were written specifically for the stage production.

The Beast got a better showing in some ways--you got to see how desperate he felt about staying a beast as the rose petals dropped.

And the interesting take on the enchanted objects in the house? They became more and more like objects as the story (and time) went on--slowly losing their humanity....

The folks in this company had lovely voices--especially Belle, the Beast and Gaston. Weakest link was Lumiere--his French accent kept slipping.

And the girl playing Mrs. Potts suffered being compared with the Angela Lansbury rendition, which I think is pretty definitive.



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