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for lovers of fantasy: Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Real Fantasy

It's a review of the first of a projected series of novels: Beyond the Summerland: Book 1 The Binding of the Blade.

Here's an interesting paragraph from the review:

Powerful storytelling is no small accomplishment, and this alone lifts Graham head and shoulders above most of his competition. The cottage industry of writers capitalizing on Tolkien's masterpiece is populated by cynical hacks and hopeful amateurs. (A recent example is Eragon, the New York Times bestseller for young readers, written by a 19-year-old.) Graham's story has depth: substantial people with real problems and emotions, a tale of more than just dragons and wars. Graham himself has lived a little—as head of a Christian school in St. Louis and as a man with a family. In an interview, Graham says that "the real issue is balancing any creative pursuit that can absorb you with family. Family has to be first. Being a husband and a father is vastly more important than work or writing." That's worth quite a few points in my book.


Hmm, sounds really interesting. I'm a big fan of fantasy in general (although more and more lately I've been turning to other genres where there are still fresh ideas and good writing), so I may have to go check it out. :)



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