Julia Child, R.I.P.

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Loved her. One of my favorite quotes? "If you're afraid of butter, as many people are nowadays," she said in one of her last television shows, "just put in cream!" she proclaimed, with a twinkle in her eye.

Bless you, Julia, for making cooking seem *doable*.

(And my very favorite old Saturday Night Live skit is their parody of Julia Child in the kitchen, cutting herself with her knife and gushing blood all over the kitchen.)


That was absolutely, hands down, the funniest SNL skit, EVER!

I wish more folks could be like Julia Child - she enjoyed herself, and could laugh at herself, and she NEVER took herself too seriously. I'll miss her.

ahhhhhh. even a mageirocophobe like me adores the queen of cooking, may she rest in peas, er peace.

Was that John Belushi in drag on SNL?

Mark, I think it was Dan Akroyd. Could be mistaken, though.



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