Oooooh! Aaaaaah!

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I love fireworks with a passion. I have always thought that if I ever won some giant lottery, that one of the things I would do is fund the annual Fourth of July fireworks show in our city.

Last night PapaC, Zteen and I went to see our beloved Texas Rangers play baseball. After the game, which we won, there was a fireworks show set to 1950's music. It was GREAT!

Firework technology has changed a lot over the last few years. There are some really amazing and different effects, and a lot of really beautiful, more pastel colors.

Whay a wonderful way to end a fairly stressed out week!


I like the fireworks that are shaped like hearts and a big 'G' for the Green Bay Packers. We also like them big and LOUD. Finales are exhilerating (gee I wonder if that is spelled correctly? It is perhaps the first time I have written that word.)

I hope you don't mind that I find I have something to say almost every time you post.

Of course not, Donna! Post away!



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