Sometimes you forget....

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.....what life is all about. Then a little blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie comes in begging you to put goldfish crackers into a strainer so that she can eat them "out of the net."

Then you make her promise "I pwomise, Aunt Tewwy!" not to feed them to the dogs, who follow her around like rats following the Pied Piper. She dances off to gleefully sneak the dogs a "tweat" and comes back to beg more fish.....

So much for all you national figures, greedy sports stars and terrorists. You aren't the reason. You just aren't.


amen, sister.

Absolutely and every day.

I hope you don't have beagles or other hounds. Small children, hounds and tweats are a recipe for morbid canine obesity.

I know. Just look at Mr. Biscuit and Millie Mulieriboo sometime. 38 lbs each, and that's on a cup per day plus what they can sucker me out of.



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