Urgent prayer request

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SpecialK would like to ask the following:

Please pray for one year-old, Sophie *****, a little neighbor of ours who has been having seizures and now is so weakened she can no longer lift her head. From what I have heard the doctors are stumped and have said there is nothing they can do. Please pray for protection for the family, wisdom for the parents and people in charge of the little girls care, and that the right people help them. Also, of course, for a touch from the Lord to restore her and transform her health.

Our Lady of Lourdes, please place your mantle of protection over Sophie and her family.

Please, please join the Summa Mamas in praying for this tiny girl in so much distress.


Praying for Sophie,


I will be praying for her. I sent y'all email to the summamamas address earlier today.


praying for Sophie

Any word on how Sophie is doing?



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