like, who are you?

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the following post is being made because i'm tired of being so serious. God Himself tells us that a merry heart does good, like medicine; but a broken spirit dries the bones. [prov17.22] the last thing we need now is a broken spirit or dry bones, so...

thanks to the, i got to spaz on a totally rad site that gives tubular renditions of your translates you into valley, dude. \since i'm so a child of the eighties, like, it shows how totally far out the summa mamas are! according to the valley url, we rock hard. but, i think i can do, like so much better, you know? so here goes my tubular take:

Kirsten--The crunchy spaz. Mother of four. Homeschooler and totally artsy-fartsy. Anyway... Soft-spoken and, like, one fine muffin. Doesn't do labels, but like we give her one anyway, you know?

Micki--AKA Smockmomma. Like, the bitchin one. Negative-lame, hands in the air, Holy Spirit lovin' to the max mother of four. Don't be a bonehead, totally visit the Smockmomma's spazpage or get gagged with a spoon!

Terry--The rad dudette who like, knows how to use like a rotary phone, you know? Mother of one homeschooled dude, Aunt Tewwy to the McBaby and a max of other chickens. Old enough to totally have been the other two's (ahem) babysitter, thank you very much.


yeah, sometimes you gotta laugh. thanks.



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