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......happened last night, and it's not the first time it has happened. I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with me.

I picked up a copy of The Nanny Diaries at the library the other day. I don't know why--it was sitting with a display of books, and I remembered someone telling me she had loved the book. So I checked it out.

On the back of the book, there are snippets of reviews. Here are a couple of snips from them: "at times, impossibly funny" and "social satire that's as moving as it is funny" and "with a sophistication and wit that anyone can enjoy."


So, I have now finished the book. It was compelling to read. But there was NOTHING, not one thing, that I considered funny in the book AT ALL. It was all incredibly sad to me. The fact that I assumed that this was, in general, just a fictionalized version of what the young authors had experienced as nannies made it even more horrifying.

It reminded me of watching Muriel's Wedding, which is shelved in the comedy section of Hollywood video. It wasn't funny, either. Not that I thought it was a bad movie--I just didn't think it was a comedy.

And it reminded me of sitting in a theater watching Pulp Fiction. [Big ole MamaT warning on this one: If you haven't seen it, don't. You don't want those nasty images burned into your brain.] I have never felt more like an alien than when I was sitting in the theater surrounded by people who were LAUGHING when a guy's brains got blown out and sprayed around the inside of the car. Not funny. Not funny at all.

Look, maybe I'm humor-impaired. But I'm certainly losing touch with what passes as "modern humor."

5 Comments NOT, i repeat DO NOT see TEAM AMERICA. it is the most disgusting, foul, vulgar display and i have never laughed so hard during a movie that my sides hurt so bad i almost had to excuse myself.

Yeah, and maybe Shaun of the Dead too . . . it was a riot, but pretty vulgar and a general disregarded for human/zombie life . . . a hysterical gross out nonetheless. Actually, I'e been waiting for Smockmama to do a review so I could do my own gushing . . .

I laughed out loud when I read the Nanny diaries. I had to read parts aloud to my husband so he could laugh too. I'm pretty certain I have a wonky sense of humor though. That's why I usually don't recommend books or movies.

i didn't do shaun of the dead, mrs. birthisel. i prefer my vulgarity sans gore. ::wink::

I got Nanny Diaries on a Bookcrossing bookring. Haven't cracked it open yet, but I'll have to now since your post intrigued me so.



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