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Maher: 'I'm spreading the anti-gospel'

Here's a sample:

Asked how what he does for a living is affected by his spiritual beliefs, Maher is ready with a provocative answer: "Well, I'm spreading the anti-gospel, aren't I?"

Like any polished preacher, his anti-gospel message, based on the premise that religion is "dangerous," can be summed up in three clear points.

"It wastes energy -- so much time and energy that could be spent on more important things, more-constructive things. It stops people from thinking. And it justifies insanity," he says, laughing. "Flying planes into buildings was a faith-based initiative. Other than that, I love it."

Reminds me of a line from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons: "What a maroon!"


I used to pray regularly for him. But I've gotten pretty discouraged over the past year or two and haven't.

what a maroon!

I started to watch Politically Incorrect a few years ago, and when in one episode all of the guests and the host took aim at the Church, I shut it off and didn't watch it for months. It's obvious he cut his own throat with the comments on 9/11.

I truly think he let reason out the window when young and let anger take over. Satan's having a ball with him in particular.

I wonder what he calls love?

BTW: I attended a meeting in my parish to start some kind of "Catholic Homecoming" in my parish. I sent the Maher story to the director of faith formation, with a line about running into someone like Maher. A frightening, challenging thought.



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