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did you catch mel's interview with diane sawyer on embryonic versus adult stem cell research? i love this man and i don't care who knows it.

diane sawyer: "is this a RELIGIOUS thing?"

smockmomma: "are you really such a dork?"


He called into the Laura Ingrahm show this morning while I was driving around running errands and getting the materials to make a spider hat for McKid (baby no longer now that she's a walking chatterbox who says things like, "I believe there's something wrong here, MamaTerry"--no joke!). Tomorrow is "Crazy Hat" day at preschool.

He was awesomely GREAT!!!!! One of the questions Laura asked was whether he had ever received any apologies from those who said The Passion would cause rioting in the streets. He said no, but that he was a "big boy, and can take it on the chin." And then he went on to say that he had forgiven all of them. "You have to. You have to keep that peace in your heart."

Swooooon...... I just wanted to smooch him.

smock, now you can't very well endorse another candidate when you're runnin' yourself, can you?



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