I hope they're not holding their breath!

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BBC NEWS | UK | Church wants gay bishop apology

It is time for the "continuing churches" to see that there is nothing to continue with in the US. Unity, unity, unity is all the talk. But there is no unity within the body, and, in fact, there cannot be any longer.

Bless their totally misguided hearts. Sometimes you have to either push out those who would change who you are or walk out on your own. No one wants to lose the (sometimes) beautiful buildings they have spent a lifetime paying for. But what does it do to gain a building and lose.......(you know the rest).

My heart breaks for the church home of my childhood. But it is inevitable without any real authority. And Canterbury just doesn't have it.


I was a baptized and confirmed Episcopalian. High church. I became a Roman Catholic at Easter, partly due to this issue. I believe I must be part of a church that endevours to follow scripture and tradition, not the ever-changing popular opinion of it's parishoners. While there are those within the Catholic church who would like to turn it into the American Episcopal church, I don't believe they will succeed.

Bishop Iker just issued a 93 page report that ultimately only asks for an apology and a commitment to not do it again . . . when will the Anglicans learn? And what is up with the whole cultural apology thing? Don't they know that if you have to ask for it then it won't be sincere?

havy sighs all around.



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