i loathe the term generation x

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and counter anyone who ever clumps me in with *that* generation and tell the (usually) unsuspecting offender that i prefer to be referred to as "a child of the eighties" ... until now.

take a look back over the last, oh, 75 years and you get an idea of what each decade has contributed to the daily lives of countless Americans.

the 30s gave us xerography, teflon, and (lest mr. luse have to remind us) nylon.

the 40s afforded us penicillin, flouride and LP records. how cool is that?

the 50s introduced caridac surgery, DNA structure, the interstate highway system and the polio vaccine. thanks, guys! you've saved a lot of lives!

things started downhill, as you might have guessed, in the 60s which gave us the birth control pill, the feminine mistake -- oops! -- mystique, and "big box" discount stores. they also started food stamps, the motor vehicle air pollution and control act, and invented the granddaddy of what we today call the microwave oven. at least it wasn't all bad.

then came the 70s with hip-hop music, roe v. wade, and title IX. need i say more? okay, okay, to be fair, they began the personal computer revolution, without which i wouldn't have this here forum in which to vent my angst.

then, there is the 80s, my so-called decade. apparently all we've had to offer is MTV and prozac. ohhhkay.

and, of course, the 90s offered genetically modified food and cloning. uh-huh.

at the rate we're going, well, golly gee, i can't wait to see what the next decade brings. i'm betting dollars to doughnuts it'll be armageddon.


how utterly cheery of you! I would have thought that the beginning of the end of feminism would be a worthy thing . . . better than armaggedon . . .



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