is susan g. koman funding abortions?

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did you know that the susan g. koman breast cancer foundation (you've heard of race for the cure?) supports planned barrenhood parenthood? did you know that the founder of the susan g. koman foundation, nancy brinker, is on the advisory board of texas planned parenthood?

when you consider the significant evidence linking abortion to breast cancer, wouldn't you agree that this is a disgusting breech of integrity?

eve sanchez silver, my new heroine, was a charter member of the susan g. komen foundation's national hispanic/latina advisory council. that is, until september 20, when she stepped down saying, "i don't believe that the komen foundation can uphold and support and affirm life with one hand, and then give money to an organization that is responsible for killing people on the other."

i emailed the foundation, which is located right here in my neck of the woods, detailing my utter dismay at the hypocrisy of the foundation. i received a reply from one cheryl l. perkins, m.d., rph, the senior clinical advisor to the foundation. she started her letter pleasantly enough, explaining the foundations desire to find a cure. well gosh, m'am who doesn't want to find a cure? there was a lot of poopy in the middle of this crap sandwich and then she ended her response thusly:

"we do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or decisions people have made in their lives." [emphasis mine]

hmmm...i wonder what she is implying. what do you think?

i won't bore you with my entire reply, but here's a snippet:

...the fact that the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation allows any monies for any reasons to filter into Planned Parenthood is still unacceptable. And while there is still some controversy surrounding the facts concerning the link between abortion and breast cancer, there is simply too much at stake to compromise our ethics in this matter. The end absolutely does not justify the means.

...and most importantly...

Thankfully, there are other foundations that do not compromise on this issue. I look forward to the day when the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation publicly announces that they no longer associate with such a controversial institution as Planned Parenthood...

more discussion on this subject can be read at the catholic answers talk forums here.




You mean that when I've contributed to the pink ribbon campaign, when I've sent my pink Yoplait yogurt lids back to the company, when I've thought I was helping to fund breast cancer research, I've actually been paying for abortions?!?!?!

Since when does a not-for-profit organization even have enough money to give to other organizations?


There are no words.


i said the same thing, sparki.

I thought the point of the group was to fund BC research. What BC research, precisely, is PP carrying out? (besides providing enrollees for future clinical trials)

Thank you for this post. I have been hit up at work for this organization, and I've contributed, but for some reason I always had a vague bad feeling about it. I even went on the internet to see whether it was pro-abortion but couldn't find anything. I am glad to know that my "spider sense" is trustworthy, and I will not contribute to this organization again!

I hope this isn't a personal site, I'm not supposed to know about! Thank you for giving another site that search engines find when asked for "Komen Planned Parenthood". The more sites created, the more people will hear about this atrocious connection.
Personally, I've been running in (okay, walking in) the Race for the Cure for years. Today is the Dallas Race which unfortunately, I have already registered and paid for. I don't expect to get a favorable response, but I have let them know I'm appalled and I want my money back.

Again, thank you for trying to get the word out even further!!

I had breast cnacer this yearf, and not one of the doctors i saw asked about an abortion history. Why? Because there is no credible link between them and breast cancer. Planned Parenthood provides breast exams for women who could not otherwise afford them. The Susan G. Koman fund is pro-women,as is PP. Many of us are appreciative of their help!

I am Eve Sánchez Silver:

Thank you Summa Mamas for hosting me here!

It has been a tough month...

"Oh! and how good it is to read the voice of a friend!"

Although it was hard to stop working with people I had grown fond of, it was easy to take a pro-life position against an organization that is an accessory to murder.

I am so glad you all took the time to write your comments.

I know that some people have actually influenced and stopped some of the scheduled fund raising events for SGK. I am beginning to lecture on this topic and will be at MIT in Boston next week: I will be reading some of your comments (your names will be withheld.)

I am glad to know that you are all so interested in the abortion-breast cancer link.

We are developing a strategy to stop the pink money organizations from keeping a lid on the abortion breast cancer link:

We are looking to raise a coalition of people who are interested in talking, writing their newspaper editors and generally raising awareness about the abortion breast cancer link. We would love to have one person, couple and family from every state: not as board members, but only to out the truth about the abortion-breast cancer link.

Please join me:
51 women. One from each state, are about to stop breast cancer dead in its tracks. Forever.

If you are One, please contact me at:

I thought your notes were so very encouraging!

Would love to stay in touch and hear from you again.

Eve Sánchez Silver

To Ellie:

Ahhh, but there is statistically significant evidence that there is a link between breast cancer and abortion.

Do not swallow the lies. Spit them out and examine them.

See the data yourself:

Eve Sanchez Silver
Cinta Latina Research




I wish we could indeed "Stop breast cancer dead in its tracks. Forever!"

The call above requesting 50 women to join me (total=51) in the I Am One Campaign to Out the Truth About The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link,

Should have read:

51 Women. One from every state, are about to Out the Truth About The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link. Forever.


Eve Sánchez Silver
Cinta Latina Research

God bless you Eve, for all you are doing to get the word out! So many lives are at stake, both womans and innocent childrens. Know you are in my prayers, and count me in as one of the woman to help to campain to "out the truth" Please let me know how I can help you. respectfully, joan archer



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