killing wives

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is it just me or has anyone else noticed that an awful lot of blankety so-and-sos are killing off their wives? in utah; in california; in oklahoma; in florida -- oh yeah, and in florida. of course, one man in ohio had a really good reason -- his wife was really really fat.


The other trend in some of these murders is that there wife was pregnant at the time. Talk about the culture of death.

you are absolutely correct, mr. miller. sickos, the lot of them!

In some of my more uppity moods I go on tangents about how all of society's problems can be linked to feminism, usually like a game of 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon. Lets play it her: (1)pregnant wives are being murdered because their husbands feel trapped and betrayed by the pregnancy, (2) their husbands feel trapped and betrayed by the pregnancy because their husbands see sex as divorced from procreation, (3) their husbands see sex as divorced from procreation because of the acceptance of contraception, (4)the acceptance of contraception was a major result of the work of the feminist movement. That only took me 4 steps.

that should be "Let's play it here."


jeanetta, thank you for taking the bull by the horns. you're my favorite domestic punk and you rock!

I love Jeanetta's url, and I wish she had titled her blog Domestic Punk!

It always makes me smile.....

In Australia, there have been several cases of instead of killing his wife, the ex-husband gets the children over for an access visit and then murders them to get at his ex-wife. I think there have been two cases like that this year and several since 2000- where he kills his wife and family during a row and then commits suicide. Usually in those cases there is a long and very sad history of domestic violence.

When I see the futility of such acts, I am very glad I have a decent and honourabl e man as my husband and we have a good happpy marriage for our children to grow up in.

Yeah, Jeanetta said it all....

Awwe, thanks gals! It sure is a lot safer to play that game here than at, say my old best friend from high school's house. She majored in women's studies in college. We've had quite a few, um, "interesting?" alcohol fueled debates on the subject that didn't end with congratulations! Good thing we've been friends so long and have decent senses of humor. ;-)

I have seen the game played as "six degrees to contraception." So what came first: contraception or feminism?

I have a 20 year old granddaughter 2 months pregnant in a relationship with a controlling boyfriend that has isolated her from everyone including her identical twin. I am afraid for her saftey . She is bipolar and feels rejected when he verbally abuses her and she makes excuses for him. Her mother is a neonatal ICU nurse and I am a pediatric nurse ; but nothing we say gets through to her!! How do I help??? THANKYOU!



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