Last night...

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....Zteen, two of our friends, and I went to see:


at Theater Arlington. Zteen had never seen it before, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time, followed by supper at a restaurant. We dragged ourselves home at 12:30 a.m. (which I know doesn't seem late to you night owls, but seemed extremely late to this morning person!).

We were talking about the show over supper, and decided that Robert Preston was THE Music Man, and that Matthew Broderick was a terrible imposter.

Such hummable songs. Here's one to think about, because I'm tired of worrying over politics and the dark age we're living in:

There were bells on the hill
But I never heard them ringing,
No, I never heard them at all
Till there was you.

There were birds in the sky
But I never saw them winging
No, I never saw them at all
Till there was you.

And there was music,
And there were wonderful roses,
They tell me,
In sweet fragrant meadows of dawn, and dew.

There was love all around
But I never heard it singing
No, I never heard it at all
Till there was you!

PapaC, I love you!


How sweet a song.
Lucky PapaC!

Isn't that just one of the best musicals ever? Not really a bad song in the whole show. (Boy, do I agree with you about Robert Preston, too!)

But does Papa C know that C rhymes with T which rhymes with P...... ? :)

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