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Has that been photoshopped?! Amazing.

I dreamt I saw a hand like this when I was pregnant!
Cool photo.

yes, it is photo-shopped - at least I hope so! If it is real, that baby is in serious trouble - starting with inadequate amniotic fluid.

i don't know where it actually came from, i just think it's a totally coolmoe pic.

for the record: i was able to see elbows ... or were they knees? ... while pregnant, but never anything so specific as a foot.

My friends & I had this discussion last week (should that be "Me and my friends??") and even I couldn't see anything *that* specific while pregnant and i'm tiny. I did notice elbows/knees/the head easily while laying down & feelnig carefully though. Some midwife students were at the birthing center during one of my appointments and they all felt the position of Lochy cause I am easy to feel on. heh.



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