Paper Supports Kerry, Urges Assassination of George Bush

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i received the following from a british friend of mine.

The Guardian, an extremist liberal newspaper in London recently printed a column calling for the assassination of President George Bush. Prior to that, the paper ran its "Clark County, Ohio" project in which it posted the names and addresses of 40,000 registered voters from Clark County, Ohio, on its website and urged readers to write the American voters and urge them to vote for John Kerry. You won't be surprised to know that most Clark County residents were offended to receive letters from socialists all over Europe insulting President Bush and urging them to vote for Democrats whom the Euro-socialists consider ideological siblings.

You will be interested to know that the news editor of this extreme liberal British paper was a media advisor to Bill Clinton in 1992, and served on the staff of hapless New York Mayor David Dinkins.

Read with interest. And, if you want to express your opinion to the "assassinate George Bush" columnist, his e-mail address is:

I read the Guardian by internet every day just for laughs. Feel free to share brookers e-mail address. It would do him good to hear from a few indignant Americans.


Monday October 25, 2004
from The Guardian

Corrections and Clarifications

The final sentence of a column in The Guide on Saturday caused offence to some readers. The Guardian associates itself with the following statement from the writer. "Charlie Brooker apologises for any offence caused by his comments relating to President Bush in his TV column, Screen Burn. The views expressed in this column are not those of the Guardian. Although flippant and tasteless, his closing comments were intended as an ironic joke, not as a call to action - an intention he believed regular readers of his humorous column would understand. He deplores violence of any kind."

uh huh. funny how liberals hate violence and yet they call for it, a la michael moore.


This is infurtiating to me. The left can have tacky, tasteless, awful cartoons about Condoleeza Rice and get a pass because it "humour, don't you get it? And besides, she deserves it!" But the howls of outrage had the shoe been on a different foot? "Aha--the conservatives are showing what they REALLY are: closet Klansmen." Story line? OK if we do it, because we're really, really, really good people and whatever we do is OK.

Michael Moore makes vile movies, filled with lies, but "come on, he's making a POINT here, folks." Had the point been made by someone on the other side of the political spectrum? "Hate speech. Gross inaccuracies. Lies! Damned Lies!"

It makes me sick.

I am heartsick over what is passing for "objective journalism" these days. Dan Rather anyone? Anytime there is a feeling that "Oh, it doesn't matter if these documents happen to be absolute fakes--the truth is still in them." Puh-leaze.



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