from the AFA

Procter & Gamble actively seeks out individuals who practice the abnormal and destructive homosexual lifestyle to come to work for the company. It is the only group P&G seeks to employ based on their behavior. P&G recruits from this group because they practice the homosexual lifestyle.

The company is currently running a promotion on the homosexual website GAYWORK.COM seeking employees whose sole distinguishing characteristic is sex with same-sex partners. Click here to see the Gaywork.com listing.

In addition, P&G is a major sponsor of Out & Equal, an organization that bills itself as one that "offers LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered) diversity training to companies that want to delve deeper into the special workplace issues faced by LGBT employees." [emphasis mine]

What kind of diversity training are P&G employees forced to attend? Here is a note from a P&G employee recently sent to us. "I'm a P&G employee at their (city) plant. I had to go to the captive audience Diversity class. The movie on homosexuals was very offensive to Christians. It showed a man in a collar (Catholic priest?) saying 'there is nothing in the Bible which says that homosexuality is wrong.'"

Why would P&G actively recruit those who engage in homosexual sex and force employees to attend a class that presents those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle in a negative light? Because P&G is committed to promoting the homosexual agenda.

For more information on P&G's promotion of the homosexual agenda, click here.

American Family Association is asking individuals to:

(1) Boycott three products of P&G Crest toothpaste, Tide detergent, and Pampers diapers. (Many are boycotting all their products, which we encourage. Click here for a complete list of P&G products or look on the back of the product.)

2) Call Chairman A.G. Lafley at 513-983-1100 and politely let him know that you are participating in the boycott and will ask others to do the same.

(3) Click here to register your support for the boycott.



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