still boycotting procter and gamble...

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yes, even the pampers, which ain't easy.


Huggies are made by Kimberly-Clark...I hope there is nothing wrong with that company.

Hmm...Huggies failed miserably for our little one. And I don't believe in boycotting, so we're loving the Pampers. Finally -- a diaper that works as advertised.

cloth works for every baby. and costs less. and is less allergenic. I cloth diapered all six babies and often had two in diapers at once. I love the feel of cloth. I wouldn't want to wear paper undies, why should baby?

I'm reading these comments & giggling semi-remembering Smock's face when we taked about cloth diapers once. I use cloth on & off. Love the pampers but mostly we just get the Sams brand. Cheaper. I need some now but It was so wet today.

Used Pampers with No. 1, but am now using cloth and loving it. They are way more absorbant than disposables. Here's the brand I use:

Oh, speaking of that, gotta go wash a load of dirties. (that is the disadvantage, but here in the far North of Canada -- just east of alaska -- Pampers cost about $30 a small package.)

hey, i'm sorry about all the landfills, but icky cloth, yuk!

Frankly, if NPR can admit the landfills are merely eye sores then we can all stop apologizing for them right now. Plus, we never mean it. I mean, are you going to start burnng your trash tomorrow over some diapers? I think not.
I used cloth for 2 years, before I realized that I believe laundry to be the most menial of all chores and that I do not possess the slave spirit to keep it up enough to continue using cloth (I gave it a real try, but I hated it). That said, how in the world do you live without TIDE?

tide brings on a rash with five-sixths of this family so i easily live without it. ALL rules!

All free and clear for us'ns, ans only 1/3 of the label requirement. I do so love my front-loading washer!



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