the stray spray

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what's up with that stray spray of water on my shower head? i hate that sucker, but i don't know what to do about it.
it's really frustrating to begin every single day feeling like my shower is out to get me, but i can't avoid it. and marc? well, he's no help. the stray spray doesn't seem to bother him...the one person who is most likely to defeat the blasted thing. of course, he's not five feet tall either. his eyes aren't in the exact line of fire, dabnabit.



Your showerhead is probably getting clogged by mineral deposits which are disolved in the hard water of yoru locality. There is a product available at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware,etc. called C.L.R. which cleans/removes Calcium, Lime and Rust deposits. Works like a champ. Also, a solution of White Vinegar and Water can work as well, but can take over night or longer.

Good Luck!

Son of a plumber!

if this works, sir, you'll be my new best friend!

Excuse me? He just happened to beat me to it.

I can vouch for the white vinegar solution. My husband used it on our elderly shower. You want to dismantle or remove the head and soak the relevant bits in a bowl of the stuff. It also works to descale kettles and anything else that's got limescale on it. I didn't find that it took overnight, just an hour or so with a bit of scrubbing at the end. The theory is that the limescale is alkaline and the vinegar is acid, so they react and the limescale dissolves.

Good luck!

Take the showerhead apart? Too much work.

Tonight, just put a thick rubberband on the pipe holding the showerhead, pour some white vinegar in a baggie and lift it up to the showerhead so it's submerged in the vinegar. Wrap the open end around the pipe, and slip the rubberband over it to hold it in place.

When you wake up, remove the bag and turn the water on full force for a few seconds, All your deposits should be forced out, if not completely dissolved.

oooOOOooo, i really like that idea, sparki! our readers are the COOLEST!

How about I just buy a new shower head?

that would be nice, too, honey.

privater seitensprung



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